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(Season 12 Premiere) Archibald Peck seeks to even the score with rival Mr. Touchdown in a no disqualification match! CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston has a run-in with Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur, Tim Donst practices his barbering skills, and F.I.S.T. continues to malfunction!


1 Fire Ant, AssailANT vs deviANT, Soldier Ant Exclusive
2 Dasher Hatfield vs Delirious Exclusive
3 The Batiri vs Los Ice Creams Exclusive
4 Frightmare vs Ophidian Exclusive
5 Jigsaw, The Shard vs F.I.S.T. Exclusive
6 Green Ant vs Eddie Kingston Exclusive
7 Young Bucks , Kevin Steen vs 3.0 , Gran Akuma Exclusive
8 Hallowicked vs Chuck Taylor Exclusive
9 Tim Donst speaks Exclusive
10 No Disqualification: Archibald Peck vs Mr. Touchdown Exclusive