Eddie Kingston is forced to decide where his loyalties lie, and los Campeonatos de Parajas are defended for the first time this Season! As the war between the Baltic Seige and Bloc Party comes to a conclusion, CHIKARA is dealt a terrible loss!


1 The Odditorium vs 3.0 Exclusive
2 Archibald Peck vs Ashley Remington Exclusive
3 Dr. Cube, Sinn Bodhi, The Devastation Corporation vs Icarus, The Osirian Portal , The Spectral Envoy Exclusive
4 Missile Assault Ant vs Shynron Exclusive
5 Campeonatos de Parejas: The Pieces of Hate vs The Throwbacks Exclusive
6 Eddie Kingston vs Jervis Cottonbelly Exclusive
7 Arctic Rescue Ant vs Worker Ant Exclusive
8 Loser Waves The Winners's Flag: The Baltic Seige vs The Bloc Party Exclusive