Friends face off in the Atomico Ridiculo, while old partners team up as Jakob Hammermeier reunites with Delirious against the Spectral Envoy! Jimmy Jacobs challenges Icarus for the Grand Championship, and CHIKARA suffers its greatest loss yet at the hands of Deucalion!


1 Missile Assault Ant vs Shynron Exclusive
2 Archibald Peck, Ice Cream Jr., Mr. Touchdown, Shane Matthews vs Ashley Remington, Dasher Hatfield, El Hijo del Ice Cream, Scott Parker Exclusive
3 Delirious, Jakob Hammermeier, N√łkken vs The Spectral Envoy Exclusive
4 Eddie Kingston vs Volgar Exclusive
5 N_R_G , The Osirian Portal vs The Wrecking Crew Exclusive
6 The Bloc Party vs The Colony Exclusive
7 Grand Championship: Icarus vs Jimmy Jacobs Exclusive