3.0 wants to return to the promised land for a record-setting third time when they try to win los Campeonatos de Parajas! With everyone looking on, Icarus stands face to face with Jimmy Jacobs and Deucalion and a challenge is made for the season finale!


1 Ashley Remington, Jervis Cottonbelly vs The Batiri vs The Bloc Party vs The Devastation Corporation Exclusive
2 Hallowicked vs Worker Ant Exclusive
3 N√łkken vs Shynron Exclusive
4 The Osirian Portal vs The Wrecking Crew Exclusive
5 Eddie Kingston vs Lithuanian Snow Troll Exclusive
6 Jimmy Jacobs vs UltraMantis Black Exclusive
7 Frightmare vs Juan Francisco de Coronado Exclusive
8 Campeonatos de Parejas: The Throwbacks vs 3.0 Exclusive