(Season 14 Finale) CHIKARA seeks to stop the Flood in the Cibernetico Royale, and the Throwbacks defend los Campeonatos de Parejas against a devastating duo! All hope rests on Icarus’ shoulders when he battles Deucalion one-on-one inside a steel cage!


1 Pre-Show-A-Go-Go with Bryce Remsburg Exclusive
2 Recap: Who Will Capture the Young Lions Cup? Exclusive
3 Young Lions Cup Tournament Final: Heidi Lovelace vs Missile Assault Ant
4 Tomorrow Never Dies Event Intro Exclusive
5 German Suplex Match: Juan Francisco de Coronado vs Ashley Remington
6 Jimmy Jacobs vs Eddie Kingston
7 Recap: The Path of Devastation Exclusive
8 Campeonatos de Parejas: The Devastation Corporation vs The Throwbacks
9 Recap: The Loser Must Leave Exclusive
10 Loser Leaves CHIKARA: Delirious vs UltraMantis Black
11 CHIKARA Season 15 Tour Announcements Exclusive
12 Torneo Cibernetico: The Colony , The Osirian Portal , The Batiri , Jervis Cottonbelly vs BDK , The Wrecking Crew , Oliver Grimsly, Soldier Ant, Volgar Exclusive
13 Deucalion Speaks, Preparing the Steel Cage, Icarus Speaks Exclusive
14 Steel Cage: Deucalion vs Icarus
15 End Credits, Waseca County Exclusive