(Season 15 Premiere) The Grand Championship is up for grabs when former F.I.S.T. partners Icarus and Chuck Taylor meet! Eddie Kingston tries to protect his 3 points from the former Kid Cyclone, who is determined to make Kingston miserable. A horrible metamorphosis has overtaken Hallowicked and Frightmare, and The Batiri see the results first-hand!


1 A New Start - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Sidney Bakabella Speaks Exclusive
3 The Wrecking Crew vs The Throwbacks Jervis Cottonbelly Shynron and Princess KimberLee
4 Ophidian Speaks Exclusive
5 N√łkken vs Ophidian
6 Jakob Hammermeier Speaks Exclusive
7 N_R_G Race Jaxon and Hype Rockwell Speak Exclusive
8 The Colony: Xtreme Force vs N_R_G
9 UltraMantis Black Speaks Exclusive
10 Juan Francisco De Coronado vs UltraMantis Black
11 Jakob Hammermeier and Soldier Ant Speak Exclusive
12 The BDK and Soldier Ant vs The Colony
13 Eddie Kingston Speaks Exclusive
14 Kevin Condron vs Eddie Kingston
15 The Batiri vs Hallowicked and Frightmare
16 Chuck Taylor Speaks Exclusive
17 CHIKARA Grand Championship: Icarus vs Chuck Taylor
18 Season 15 Premiere Teaser Exclusive