Our historic London debut would be in the record books no matter what - but with the Grand Championship up for grabs in the main event, "Afternoon Delight" becomes epic in its scale! Icarus and Hallowicked, partners on the very first CHIKARA event back in 2002, do battle for the golden belt. Two "Challenge of the Immortals" bouts are featured, and UltraMantis Black looks to clutch his third point toward title contention, but must contend with Blind Rage first.


1 Afternoon Delight - Event Intro Exclusive
2 The United Nations Speak Exclusive
3 #COTI15: The United Nations vs. Battle Hive
4 Mike Quackenbush speaks Exclusive
5 UltraMantis Black speaks Exclusive
6 UltraMantis Black vs Blind Rage
7 Mr. Touchdown, Obariyon & Race Jaxon speak Exclusive
8 Dasher Hatfield, Kodama, Hype Rockwell vs Mr. Touchdown, Obariyon, Race Jaxon
9 Silver Ant vs Oleg the Usurper
10 #COTI15: The Gentleman's Club vs The Wrecking Crew
11 Main Event Preview: Icarus vs. Hallowicked Exclusive
12 Hallowicked speaks Exclusive
13 CHIKARA Grand Championship: Icarus vs Hallowicked
14 A New Start - Official Trailer Exclusive