We open the doors of the brand new Wrestle Factory for the first time, and offered up this intimate evening of outstanding action! Two "Challenge of the Immortals" team captains collide, while the rookie Argus looks to impress his team captain, Ophidian. Blaster McMassive, one-half of the reigning Campeones de Parejas, has his first-ever singles match, in the main event.

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1 Back to Skull - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Amasis vs Missile Assault Ant
3 Ophidian Speaks Exclusive
4 Ophidian, Argus vs Fire Ant, Worker Ant
5 Mr. Touchdown speaks Exclusive
6 Kevin Condron vs Mr. Touchdown
7 #COTI15: Princess KimberLee vs Juan Francisco de Coronado
8 Dasher Hatfield speaks Exclusive
9 Dasher Hatfield vs Blaster McMassive
10 The Top 5 Moves of Dasher Hatfield Exclusive
11 Altar Egos - Official Trailer Exclusive