It was a mere 13 years ago that CHIKARA began in the Lehigh Valley, and Aniversario brings us back to where it all began! Hallowicked faces the challenge of Ashley Remington in the main event, and "Challenge of the Immortals" action overflows! The former Volgar reveals himself to be Lucas Calhoun, and Oleg the Usurper vies to capture the elusive third point.

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1 Aniversario: A New Attitude - Event Intro Exclusive
2 N_R_G speak Exclusive
3 Nightmare Warriors vs N_R_G vs Battle Hive vs Kevin Condron, Lucas Calhoun
4 #COTI15: United Nations vs. Dasher Hatfield, Mr. Touchdown, Icarus, Heidi Lovelace
5 Oleg the Usurper vs Missile Assault Ant
6 Jakob Hammermeier speaks Exclusive
7 #COTI15: Arcane Horde vs Jakob Hammermeier, N√łkken, Pinkie Sanchez
8 Princess KimberLee and Jervis Cottonbelly speak Exclusive
9 Princess KimberLee, Jervis Cottonbelly vs Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy
10 #COTI15: Ophidian, Eddie Kingston, Shyrnon, Argus vs The Wrecking Crew
11 Ashley Remington speaks Exclusive
12 CHIKARA Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Ashley Remington
13 The Top 5 Moves of Ophidian Exclusive
14 For British Eyes Only - Official Trailer Exclusive