"Challenge of the Immortals" heats up in Providence, as the double round robin reaches its midpoint! Kevin Condron unearths the dark past of Missile Assault Ant. Sidney Bakabella continues to instigate friction among members of The Arcane Horde, and the 3-year odyssey of Dasher Hatfield comes to a climax as he challenges Hallowicked for the Grand Championship of CHIKARA!


1 The Immaculate Election - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Amasis vs Frightmare
3 #COTI15: Heidi Lovelace, Icarus vs Soldier Ant, Jakob Hammermeier
4 Sidney Bakabella's Wrecking Crew Speak Exclusive
5 The Batiri vs N√łkken, Pinkie Sanchez vs The United Nations vs Jaka, Oleg the Usurper
6 Princess KimberLee Speaks Exclusive
7 #COTI15: Crown And Court vs Ophidian, Eddie Kingston, Shynron, Argus
8 Sidney Bakabella and Blaster McMassive Speak Exclusive
9 Silver Ant vs Blaster McMassive
10 Kevin Condron Speaks Exclusive
11 #COTI15: Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, Swamp Monster vs Battle Hive
12 Hallowicked speaks Exclusive
13 Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Dasher Hatfield
14 Back to Skull - Official Trailer Exclusive
15 Sweat + Sacrifice = Success Exclusive