We're making just one final New England stop this year, as we return to St. Joseph's and deliver an action-packed, all-ages event in the mighty CHIKARA manner!


1 Event Intro Exclusive
2 Mr. Touchdown speaks Exclusive
3 #COTI15: Mr. Touchdown vs Drew Gulak
4 Blaster McMassive speaks Exclusive
5 #COTI15: Blaster McMassive vs Mr. Azerbaijan
6 Battle Hive speak Exclusive
7 4 Corner Elimination Tag Team Match: Silver Ant/Frightmare vs Battle Hive vs Hermit Crab, Cajun Crawdad vs Battleborn
8 Dasher's Dugout speak Exclusive
9 Dasher Hatfield vs Jaka
10 Icarus speaks Exclusive
11 Icarus vs Juan Francisco de Coronado
12 Jakob Hammermeier speaks Exclusive
13 The Devastation Corporation speak Exclusive
14 #COTI15: Wrecking Crew vs Jakob Hammermeier, Soldier Ant
15 El Hijo del Ice Cream speaks Exclusive
16 #COTI15: Obariyon, Kodama vs Los Ice Creams
17 Mark Andrews speaks Exclusive
18 Shynron vs Mark Andrews
19 Encore Match - Jervis Cottonbelly vs Orange Cassidy Exclusive
20 The Immaculate Election - Official Trailer Exclusive
21 The Top 5 Moves of Jakob Hammermeier Exclusive
22 Sweat + Sacrifice = Success Exclusive