The City of Brotherly Love hosted our epic Season 15 Finale! Witness history in the making in this jam-packed event that features the Grand Championship on the line, the 11th annual Torneo Cibernetico, the conclusion of our season-long tournament "Challenge of the Immortals" and SO MUCH MORE! The digital release is here, be the first to stream/download it!


1 We asked. They answered. Exclusive
2 Top Banana - Event Intro Exclusive
3 Battleborn vs Ophidian, Shynron, Argus
4 Recap: You Will Follow That Light Exclusive
5 Silver Ant speaks Exclusive
6 Frightmare vs Silver Ant
7 Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, Orange Cassidy vs The Batiri
8 Mike Quackenbush speaks Exclusive
9 Mr. Touchdown speaks Exclusive
10 100% Natural Good-Time Family Cibernetico
11 Recap: Losing His Past Exclusive
12 Jakob Hammermeier speaks Exclusive
13 Fire Ant vs Soldier Ant
14 Recap: Do You Believe? Exclusive
15 Princess KimberLee speaks Exclusive
16 #COTI15: Crown And Court vs The Wrecking Crew
17 Recap: There is Only Room for One Exclusive
18 Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Icarus vs Eddie Kingston
19 Princess KimberLee's "Golden Opportunity"
20 Justice is Blind/How to Rob a Bank Exclusive
21 The Top 5 Moves of Eddie Kingston Exclusive
22 Contact Exclusive