CHIKARA’s Fifteenth Season spanned the globe with our first tour of the UK. The “Challenge of the Immortals” season long round robin tournament led to unexpected match-ups and pairings and some of the fiercest competition in CHIKARA to date. King of Trios 2015 included competition from around the world including top promotions in Mexico, Europe and Japan.

Relive the most exciting moments with this two disc, more than six hour long compilation of CHIKARA’s Best of 2015.


1 Ashley Remington vs Drew Gulak (NPWD '15) Exclusive
2 Soldier Ant vs Silver Ant (For British Eyes Only) Exclusive
3 Mr. Touchdown vs Kevin Condron (Back to Skull) Exclusive
4 Dasher Hatfield vs Tommaso Ciampa (Sword of Destiny) Exclusive
5 Devastation Corporation vs Princess KimberLee and Jervis Cottonbelly (Storming the Castle) Exclusive
6 The Snake Pit vs Crown and Court (Immaculate Election) Exclusive
7 Amasis vs Mr. Touchdown (Live at First Energy Stadium '15) Exclusive
8 Shynron vs Amasis vs Matt Cross vs Too Cold Scorpio (King of Trios 2015) Exclusive
9 Bullet Club vs Team AAA (King of Trios 2015) Exclusive
10 Drew Gulak vs Mr. Touchdown Exclusive
11 Crown and Court vs The Wrecking Crew (Justice is Blind) Exclusive
12 The Devastation Corporation vs N_R_G (The Marta Complex) Exclusive
13 Heidi Lovelace and N_R_G vs Blaster McMassive, Missile Assault Man, and Proletariat Boar of Moldova (Not Without My Daughter) Exclusive
14 Golden Dream Trios Match (Exit Strategy) Exclusive
15 Fire Ant vs Soldier Ant (Top Banana) Exclusive
16 Kingston vs Icarus vs Hallowicked (Top Banana) Exclusive
17 A Golden Opportunity (Top Banana) Exclusive