Oleg the Usurper has hunted down his former stablemates, and now just one remains - Blaster McMassive. These two heavyweights collide in a bitter grudge match, while in the main event, reigning Campeones Hype Rockwell and Race Jaxon (N_R_G) face the #1 contenders to their titles, in the duo of Missile Assault Man and Lucas Calhoun. Plus: the first-time meeting of Amasis and Rock Lobster pushes both men to their physical limits!


1 The New Batch - Event Intro Exclusive
2 The United Nations speak Exclusive
3 Los Ice Creams vs Prakash Sabar, Proletariat Boar of Moldova
4 Officer Warren Barksdale vs Devo Riggs
5 Amasis speaks Exclusive
6 Amasis vs Rock Lobster
7 Argus speaks Exclusive
8 Argus vs Hermit Crab
9 Oleg the Usurper speaks Exclusive
10 Oleg the Usurper vs Blaster McMassive
11 Campeonatos de Parejas: N_R_G vs Lucas Calhoun, Missile Assault Man
12 Encore Match: Ophidian vs Chuck Taylorâ„¢ Exclusive