An historic occasion - #1 contender Heidi Lovelace challenges the reigning Grand Champion Princess KimberLee in the main event! These two ladies knock down barriers and expectations in this monumental match-up that is as much about equality as it is about the state-of-the-art in professional wrestling! Plus, Eddie Kingston vents his frustrations on Pinkie Sanchez in his quest to get a hold on the BDK's overlord, and Juan Francisco de Coronado continues to torment Mr. Touchdown.


1 The Secret of the Ooze - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Eddie Kingston speaks Exclusive
3 Eddie Kingston vs Pinkie Sanchez
4 Icarus, Mr. Touchdown vs Wani, Juan Francisco de Coronado
5 Chuck Taylorâ„¢ sings Exclusive
6 Fire Ant vs Jaka
7 Flex Rumblecrunch speaks Exclusive
8 Dasher Hatfield vs Flex Rumblecrunch
9 die BDK speak Exclusive
10 die BDK vs The Batiri
11 Heidi Lovelace speaks Exclusive
12 Grand Championship: Princess KimberLee vs Heidi Lovelace
13 Encore Match: The Snake Pit vs Battleborn Exclusive