The members of The Colony mount a two-pronged offensive against the swelling forces of Nazmaldun, with Silver Ant and Worker Ant teaming together, while Fire Ant looks to take the title away from Hallowicked! "Rump Thump" Stephon Smith makes his CHIKARA debut, and Moustache Mountain are out to make a point, and win a point, all in one fell swoop. Plus: the former Hornswoggle, now called "The Big Deal," shows Juan Francisco de Coronado that he can improvise in the moment, as their intended singles match changes shape!


1 Back in the Habit - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Missile Assault Man vs Stephon Smith
3 Lucas Calhoun speaks Exclusive
4 Lucas Calhoun vs Soldier Ant
5 N_R_G vs Moustache Mountain
6 Moustache Mountain speak Exclusive
7 The Colony speak Exclusive
8 Silver Ant, Worker Ant vs Obariyon, Kodama
9 The United Nations vs The Big Deal, Sloan Caprice & Rick Roland
10 Hallowicked speaks Exclusive
11 Ants, Ants Everywhere... Exclusive
12 Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Fire Ant
13 Encore Match Exclusive
14 The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape Exclusive
15 National Pro Wrestling Day 2016 - Official Trailer Exclusive