It's our first network special, and it's bursting with intriguing matches - like the long-awaited rematch of Princess KimberLee and Heidi Lovelace! Both these lethal ladies come in with 2 points to their name, one will leave with a championship opportunity, while the other goes home empty handed. Plus, a ferocious 14-man tag team match pits Team Fire Ant against the swelling ranks of Nazmaldun followers, under the leadership of Hallowicked! After a several year hiatus, the charming Zack Sabre, Jr. graces a CHIKARA ring once again!


1 No One's First and You're Next - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Hermit Crab Speaks Exclusive
3 Ophidian vs Hermit Crab
4 Zack Sabre, Jr. vs DUSTIN
5 Campeonatos de Parejas: N_R_G vs Los Ice Creams vs Devastation Corporation vs Moustache Mountain
6 I Am The Big Deal in CHIKARA Exclusive
7 The Big Deal, Sloan Caprice, Rick Roland vs Juan Francisco de Coronado, Prakash Sabar, Proletariat Boar of Moldova
8 Hail to the King Exclusive
9 Eddie Kingston vs Jakob Hammermeier
10 Nazmaldun is Real! Exclusive
11 A History of Ants Exclusive
12 Worker Ant Speaks Exclusive
13 Team Fire Ant vs Team Hallowicked
14 It's Two Points vs Two Points Exclusive
15 Princess KimberLee vs Heidi Lovelace
16 Encore Match: Wani vs Lucas Calhoun Exclusive
17 Inside the Squared Circle: Heidi Lovelace vs Princess KimberLee Exclusive
18 Dead Man's Chest - Official Trailer Exclusive
19 Ring Shape - Episode 3 Exclusive