They both trained at the Wrestle Factory. They both ascended through the ranks to be counted among the very best. They both evolved into trainers themselves. Now, Grand Champion Hallowicked, the Gen-1 Original, locks up for the very first time against #1 contender Drew Gulak, in the midst of his breakout year! Plus: Frightmare sends a long distance message to Amasis, and Oleg the Usurper proves his word is his bond...much to the dismay of new teammates Heidi Lovelace and Ophidian!


1 The Black Goodbye - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Rock Lobster vs Princess KimberLee
3 Rick Roland and Sloan Caprice speak Exclusive
4 Rick Roland, Sloan Caprice vs Jerry Shuster, Joe Siegel
5 Fire Ant, Silver Ant vs Icarus, Mark Angelosetti
6 Amasis vs Hermit Crab Exclusive
7 Worker Ant speaks Exclusive
8 Worker Ant, Bullet Ant vs Juan Francisco de Coronado, Wani
9 Heidi Lovelace, Oleg the Usurper, Ophidian vs The Batiri
10 How do you cap off a stellar year? Exclusive
11 Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Drew Gulak
12 Encore Match: Dez Peloton vs Crummels and DeFarge Exclusive