Our final Philly tour stop for the season see two Wrestle Factory trainers square off for the Grand Championship of CHIKARA! Things get out of control in a heated atomico match that features four of Nazmaldun's fiercest warriors facing Pharoah Ant (the transformed Amasis) and members of The Colony. In a bout that is well over a year in the making, Princess KimberLee looks to end her personal rivalry with super heavyweight Max Smashmaster, who has evinced a decidedly sadistic streak since being reinstated to the roster!


1 Like Phantoms, Forever - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Bullet Ant vs Rock Lobster
3 Dez Peloton speak Exclusive
4 Dez Peloton vs Crummels and Defarge
5 Wani vs Oleg the Usurper
6 Team Pharaoh Ant vs. Team Frightmare
7 Sidney Bakabella and Max Smashmaster speak Exclusive
8 Princess KimberLee vs Max Smashmaster
9 Ophidian speaks Exclusive
10 Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Ophidian
11 Encore Match: ThunderFrog vs Mr. Azerbaijan Exclusive
12 Bonus: A Threat to our Very Foundation Exclusive
13 The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape Exclusive