CHIKARA's Fifteenth Season spanned the globe with our second tour of the United Kingdom, the debut of our live Hours of Power, the crowning of the first ever Queens of Trios and more.

Relive the most exciting moments with this two blu-ray, three dvd, more than six hour long compilation of CHIKARA’s Best of 2016.


1 The Colony vs The Snake Pit (From 5 Senses) Exclusive
2 Mickie James vs Princess KimberLee (From NPWD 2016) Exclusive
3 Mr. Touchdown vs Shynron (From Disk) Exclusive
4 The Osirian Portal vs Team TDT (From the Distant Future) Exclusive
5 Fire Ant vs Ophidian (From The Two Towers) Exclusive
6 Princess KimberLee vs Hallowicked (From The Lost World) Exclusive
7 Mr. Touchdown vs Juan Francisco de Coronado (From Tightrope) Exclusive
8 Heidi Lovelace vs Princess KimberLee (From No One's First and You're Last) Exclusive
9 The Warriors Three vs Team CWC (From King of Trios 2016) Exclusive
10 Candice LeRae vs Tony Nese vs Frightmare vs Space Monkey (From King of Trios 2016) Exclusive
11 Team Senai Girls vs Team JWP (From King of Trios 2016) Exclusive
12 Hallowicked vs Drew Gulak (From The Black Goodbye) Exclusive
13 Missile Assault Man vs Jigsaw (From Cruise Control) Exclusive
14 Zack Sabre, Jr. vs Juan Francisco de Coronado (From Counting Backwards) Exclusive
15 Hallowicked vs Ophidian (From Like Phantoms Forever) Exclusive
16 Frightmare vs Amasis (From Temple of Doom) Exclusive
17 Drew Gulak vs Mike Quackenbush (From Supremacy) Exclusive
18 Supremacy Official Trailer Exclusive