The Grand Championship hangs in the balance as Hallowicked meets the challenge of Mr. Touchdown - who accumulated 4 points during his imposed servitude to Nazmaldun. The Xyberhawx2000 make their debut in tag team action, and Jeremy Leary renews his quest to eradicate CHIKARA’s most beloved tecnicos. After a career-shortening knee injury, and falling under the sway of the Eye of Tyr, UltraMantis Black returns to active duty, with an appetite for revenge!


1 Fire Ant, Silver Ant vs The Closers Exclusive
2 Jeremy Leary vs Lucas Calhoun Exclusive
3 Team Sea Stars in action Exclusive
4 UltraMantis Black vs Frightmare Exclusive
5 Juan Francisco de Coronado, Wani vs Xyberhawx2000 Exclusive
6 Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Mark Angelosetti Exclusive