9 tag teams battle for points in the annual Tag Team Gauntlet, but the 10th team, Los Ice Creams, is looking to fend off future challengers! Kobald requests the chance to face Fire Ant, but bites off more than he can chew! Jody Fleisch and Ophidian battle to determine who will leave Wolverhampton as Rey de Voladores! The King of Trios tournament comes to an epic conclusion, capped off by a once-in-a-lifetime meeting of two world class trios!

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1 King of Trios 2017 - Night Three - Event Intro Exclusive
2 King of Trios Semi-Final #1
3 King of Trios Semi-Final #2 Exclusive
4 Officer Warren Barksdale vs Chief Deputy Dunne
5 Kobald speaks Exclusive
6 Kobald vs Fire Ant
7 CCK speak Exclusive
8 10-Team Tag Team Gauntlet
9 Sylverhawk vs Merlok
10 Jody Fleisch speaks Exclusive
11 Rey de Voladores Tournament Final
12 House Strong Style speak Exclusive
13 King of Trios Tournament Final