CHIKARA's Eighteenth Season spanned the globe with the first ever King of Trios in the United Kingdom, our first Live Network Special, and more.

Relive the most exciting moments with this three Blu-Ray or DVD set - a more than nine hour long compilation of CHIKARA’s Best of 2017.


1 Travis Huckabee vs Silver Ant (Hour of Power S.18.1) Exclusive
2 DUSTIN and Chuck Taylor™ vs Crummels and Defarge (Turn Left) Exclusive
3 UltraMantis Black vs Max Smashmaster (The Empty Child) Exclusive
4 10 Man Tag Team Match (Aniversario: School Reunion) Exclusive
5 Zack Sabre Jr. vs Mike Quackenbush (Johnny Kidd Invitational 2017) Exclusive
6 Hallowicked vs Matt Riddle (Johnny Kidd Invitational 2017) Exclusive
7 Missile Assault Man vs Juan Francisco de Coronado (The Parting of Ways) Exclusive
8 Fire Ant vs Frightmare (The Lodger) Exclusive
9 Merlok vs Dasher Hatfield (Chikarasaurus Rex: Flesh and Stone) Exclusive
10 Hallowicked vs Ophidian (Chikarasarus Rex: Flesh and Stone) Exclusive
11 House Revival vs House Seven Seas (King of Trios 2017 Night One) Exclusive
12 Johnny Kidd vs Mike Quackenbush (King of Trios 2017 Night Two) Exclusive
13 House Sendai Girls vs House Strong Style (King of Trios 2017 Night Three) Exclusive
14 Mr. Touchdown vs Juan Francisco de Coronado (Tooth and Claw) Exclusive
15 Moose vs Dasher Hatfield (Deep Breath) Exclusive
16 Solo Darling vs Hallowicked (A Good Man Goes To War) Exclusive
17 Juan Francisco de Coronado vs Fire Ant (A Good Man Goes To War) Exclusive
18 Mike Quackenbush vs Max Smashmaster (Dark Water) Exclusive
19 Keith Lee vs Dasher Hatfield (Kill The Moon) Exclusive
20 Oceanea vs Merlok (Closing Time) Exclusive
21 Dasher Hatfield vs Juan Francisco de Coronado (Closing Time) Exclusive