The first Hour of Power of Season 19 sees the in-ring debuts of several new talents! Resilient Rookie Green Ant locks up with Hermit Crab, and the three members of The Proteus Wheel, products of the arcane experiments of Professor Nicodemus, make their presence felt in a big way. Following on the heels of National Pro Wrestling Day 2018, Oleg the Usurper looks for revenge against Frightmare, and Oceanea summons her Creatures of the Deep to make plain her intent at CHIKARA. All this, plus the unveiling of a new member of BLANK's so-called "Nouveau Aesthetic"!


1 Travis Huckabee vs Icarus Exclusive
2 Oleg the Usurper vs Frightmare Exclusive
3 Green Ant vs Hermit Crab Exclusive
4 The Proteus Wheel in action Exclusive
5 Xyberhawx2000 vs Nouveau Aesthetic Exclusive