No tradition is as steeped in CHIKARA history as our annual rookie showcase, the Young Lions Cup! Sixteen rookies come from all over the planet for the chance to claim that coveted golden trophy. The quest to capture the Cup starts here, and when this event is over, the field of sixteen will have been whittled down to just two. Those two will advance to the 2nd Stage of the Young Lions Cup, where they will clash in the tournament final!


1 Young Lions Cup XIV: 1st Stage - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Enter the Young Lions Exclusive
3 Brett Domino speaks Exclusive
4 YLC 4-Way Eliminator #1: Brett Domino vs Green Ant vs Omari vs Percy Davis
5 Dylan Bostic speaks Exclusive
6 YLC 4-Way Eliminator #2: Dylan Bostic vs Blanche Babish vs DL Hurst vs Fuego del Sol
7 Super Beetle speaks Exclusive
8 YLC 4-Way Eliminator #3: Super Beetle vs Gabby Ortiz vs Cajun Crawdad vs Anthony Greene
9 Geddy Cahoon speaks Exclusive
10 YLC 4-Way Eliminator #4: Geddy Cahoon vs Cameron Zagami vs Eli Isom vs Air Wolf
11 Who In The World? Exclusive
12 Tag World Grand Prix Qualifier: Oceanea and Merlok vs Colin Delaney and Cheech Hernandez
13 I Am Lost Exclusive
14 Ophidian vs Fire Ant
15 Tag World Grand Prix Qualifier: Solo Darling, Travis Huckabee vs The Whisper, Troll
16 Juan Francisco de Coronado speaks Exclusive
17 YLC Semi-Final #1
18 YLC Semi-Final #2
19 Encore Match: Thief Ant vs David Dennison Exclusive
20 The Wonders of Science Exclusive
21 Infinite Gauntlet Report #1 Exclusive
22 New England Tour (Official Trailer) Exclusive