Partners must face off when Mister ZERO and UltraMantis win a "Double Jeopardy Battle Royal"! Icarus tries to get revenge on his former friend Hallowicked! Mike Quackenbush, Gran Akuma, and DJ Skittlez team up in the main event to face Jigsaw, Blind Rage and Rorschach.


1 Double Jeopardy Battle Royal: Mister ZERO, UltraMantis vs Eddie Kingston, BlackJack Marciano Exclusive
2 Icarus vs Hallowicked Exclusive
3 UltraMantis vs Mister ZERO Exclusive
4 Eddie Kingston vs Private Eye Exclusive
5 Mike Quackenbush, Gran Akuma, DJ Skittlez vs Jigsaw, Blind Rage, Rorschach Exclusive