The event begins with the trusty "Double Jeopardy Battle Royal," while the rivalry between The Wild Cards and Ultra/ZERO begins to simmer! Per tradition in these early days, a trios match caps off the event where in Jigsaw and Rorschach begin to gel well as a team!


1 Double Jeopardy Battle Royal: Matt Vandal vs Icarus vs Jolly Roger vs Jigsaw vs Rorschach vs Gran Akuma vs Melvin Snodgrass vs Private Eye vs DJ Skittlez Exclusive
2 Eddie Kingston vs UltraMantis Exclusive
3 Mister ZERO vs BlackJack Marciano Exclusive
4 Blind Rage vs Private Eye Exclusive
5 Matt Vandal vs Icarus Exclusive
6 Mike Quackenbush, Gran Akuma, DJ Skittlez vs Hallowicked, Jigsaw, Rorschach Exclusive