A giant 10-man tag headlines the first anniversary event for CHIKARA! Blind Rage takes on DJ Skittlez with the stipulation that the winner chooses the loser’s entrance music. As a result of the "Double Jeopardy Battle Royal," Reckless Youth wrestles Mike Kruel.


1 Mike Kruel vs Reckless Youth vs Jolly Roger vs Lester Crabtree vs Ninja Mexicano vs Marshal Law vs Brock Singleton vs Love Bug vs Dragonfly vs Melvin Snodgrass Exclusive
2 Private Eye vs Phantasmo Exclusive
3 Blind Rage vs DJ Skittlez Exclusive
4 Mike Kruel vs Reckless Youth Exclusive
5 Mister ZERO, Mike Quackenbush, Gran Akuma, UltraMantis, Icarus vs Hallowicked, Jigsaw, Eddie Kingston, BlackJack Marciano, Rorschach Exclusive