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(Season 2 Finale) The feud between Ultra/ZERO and The Night Shift rages on, with Mister ZERO looking to take Hallowicked's Young Lions Cup! F.I.S.T. throws out the rulebook when they take on The Wild Cards! This event features the first-ever singles meeting of Mike Quackenbush and Jorge "Skayde" Rivera.


1 CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Title #1 Contendership Battle Royal: Mister ZERO vs American Gigolo vs Blind Rage vs Darkness Crabtree vs Jigsaw vs Jon Thornhill vs Melvin Snodgrass vs Sumie Sakai vs UltraMantis Exclusive
2 Young Lions Cup II Qualifier: Jolly Roger vs Rorschach Exclusive
3 UltraMantis vs American Gigolo Exclusive
4 Young Lions Cup: Hallowicked vs Mister ZERO Exclusive
5 Jigsaw vs Sumie Sakai Exclusive
6 No Disqualification: The Wildcards vs F.I.S.T. Exclusive
7 Best of 3 Falls: Mike Quackenbush vs Skayde Exclusive