Our annual end-of-summer spectacular "Chikarasaurus Rex" sees us return to homebase after a string of tour dates across the region! The finals of the Johnny Kidd Invitational is our featured bout, to say nothing of two championship matches! Per the Director of Fun, a portion of the card is carved out for the Open Challenges of The Crucible, conducted under their system of rules. BLANK attempts to erase Penelope Ford from CHIKARA, while Missile Assault Man is looking to cut a direct path to his rematch with Hallowicked! Featured here is the final CHIKARA appearance of Joey Janela, wrestling's resident "Bad Boy"!


1 John Francis of Coronado vs Jakob Hammermeier Exclusive
2 Campeonatos de Parejas: Lucas Calhoun/Stray Kat vs Tony Deppen/Travis Huckabee Exclusive
3 Missile Assault Man vs Kobald Exclusive
4 Fire Ant vs Cajun Crawdad Exclusive
5 Penelope Ford vs BLANK Exclusive
6 Grand Championship: Dasher Hatfield vs Mick Moretti Exclusive
7 The Crucible's Open Challenge to CHIKARA Exclusive
8 Hallowicked vs Joey Janela Exclusive
9 The Creatures of the Deep vs The Crucible Exclusive
10 Solo Darling vs Princess KimberLee Exclusive
11 Boomer Hatfield vs Volgar Exclusive
12 xyberhawx2000 vs Cornelius Crummels, Sonny Defarge Exclusive
13 Johnny Kidd Invitational Tournament Final Exclusive