(S21 Finale) For the first-time ever, our annual Torneo Cibernetico will be conducted under "Crucible Rules" - meaning there are no ropes on the ring, no pinfalls to count! Two teams of six will collide in this once-in-a-lifetime circuit match pitting Team Crucible against Team Wrestle Factory! Brash upstart of Season 21, The Spoiler, has issued an Open Challenge, looking to not only score a win, but earn his third point in the process. Points are also in play in a high stakes tag team match, as both F.I.S.T. (Travis Huckabee & Icarus) put their two points on the line against the two points of Red Queen & One-Eyed Jack. Cabana Man Dan looks to prove he is no "one hit wonder" against BLANK, and the long-simmering feud between Boomer Hatfield and Sonny Defarge takes center stage as the two rivals collide one-on-one!


1 Cibernetico 2020 - Event Intro Exclusive
2 The Danger of Hope Exclusive
3 Boomer Hatfield vs Sonny Defarge
4 For Beauty, There Must Be Suffering Exclusive
5 On The Cusp Of Victory? Exclusive
6 Cabana Man Dan vs BLANK
7 Make The Queen Happy Exclusive
8 Red Queen, One Eyed-Jack vs F.I.S.T.
9 Sam Leterna speaks with Boomer Hatfield Exclusive
10 Where is Tunku? Exclusive
11 The Spoiler Will Make Ya Famous! Exclusive
12 Open Challenge: The Spoiler vs ?
13 Sam Leterna is outside The Wrestle Factory Exclusive
14 Not In My House! Exclusive
15 That's Only Half The Equation Exclusive
16 Boomer & The Watch Party Exclusive
17 Sam Leterna outlines the rules for the main event Exclusive
18 Torneo Cibernetico: Team Wrestle Factory vs Team Crucible
19 End Credits Exclusive