History is made, as Blind Rage retires from fulltime competition, and Mister ZERO and Shane Storm form Men@Work for the very first time! Everyone, including Cavalier Jones, has something on the line in the "Ultimate Jeopardy" trios match that ends the feud between Mike Quackenbush and F.I.S.T., and The Toxic Trio!


1 Double Jeopardy Battle Royal: Blind Rage vs DJ Skittlez vs Hallowicked vs Melvin Snodgrass vs Rorschach vs Sabian vs Shane Storm Exclusive
2 Jolly Roger vs Darkness Crabtree Exclusive
3 Chris Hero vs Murat Bosporus Exclusive
4 Blind Rage vs DJ Skittlez Exclusive
5 The Dark Breed vs Men@Work Exclusive
6 Lucha de Apuesta: Mike Quackenbush, F.I.S.T. vs The Toxic Trio Exclusive