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Knight Eye 4 the Pirate Guy face their biggest challenge in Claudio Castagnoli and Arik Cannon! In the main event, Mike Quackenbush finally gets his chance at revenge in a singles match against Chris Hero, in the very same spot where Hero betrayed him!


1 Equinox, Shun The Kabuki Kid, USApe vs Rorschach, The Dark Breed Exclusive
2 Crossbones, Mano Metalico vs Davey Andrews, Shane Hagadorn Exclusive
3 Shane Storm vs Dr. Cheung Exclusive
4 Cheech and Cloudy vs Anthony Franco, Matt Turner Exclusive
5 Nebula vs Jigsaw Exclusive
6 The Kings Of Wrestling vs Knight Eye For The Pirate Guy Exclusive
7 Skayde vs Kanjyouro Matsuyama Exclusive
8 Chris Hero vs Mike Quackenbush Exclusive