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Shane Storm defends his Young Lions Cup for the first time. Jervis Cottonbelly challenges Larry Sweeney in a match that pits sweet against sour! In the main event match, Reckless Youth returns to team with Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw to face the T2P stylings of Skayde, Milano Collection AT and Chuichiro Arai!


1 Lancelot vs Darkness Crabtree, Dr. Cheung Exclusive
2 Sumie Sakai vs Allison Danger Exclusive
3 Larry Sweeney vs Jervis Cottonbelly Exclusive
4 Rorschach vs Shiima Xion Exclusive
5 Gran Akuma vs Eddie Kingston Exclusive
6 Chris Hero vs Adam Knight Exclusive
7 Claudio Castagnoli vs KUDO Exclusive
8 Young Lions Cup: Shane Storm vs Icarus Exclusive
9 The Black T-Shirt Squad , Jigsaw vs Chuichiro Arai, Milano Collection AT, Skayde Exclusive