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The quarreling duo of Lance Steel, and the other Lance Steel, collide with the equally dysfunctional tandem of Larry Sweeney and Mana! Incoherence has a non-title match against the reigning Campeones, while Crossbones challenges for the Young Lions Cup! The issue between Jigsaw and Icarus escalates here.


1 Gran Akuma vs Andy Sumner Exclusive
2 Lancelot vs Larry Sweeney, Mana Exclusive
3 Prince Raymond Torres of Brunei Rules: Dr. Cheung vs Player Uno Exclusive
4 Daizee Haze vs Allison Danger Exclusive
5 Retail Dragon, The Colony vs Rorschach, Cheech, Cloudy Exclusive
6 Eddie Kingston, Sabian vs 2.0 Exclusive
7 Icarus vs Jigsaw Exclusive
8 Incoherence vs The Kings of Wrestling Exclusive
9 Young Lions Cup: Shane Storm vs Crossbones Exclusive