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Lance Steel and Lance Steel fight in a “Loser Must Leave the Present” match that sees one knight banished to the past! Larry Sweeney and Eddie Kingston fight all over the Legion Hall! The only one-on-one match between Reckless Youth and Claudio Castagnoli is featured. Icarus teams with Gran Akuma and Chris Hero in an attempt at revenge against Jigsaw, Mike Quackenbush and Shane Storm!


1 Los Ice Creams vs The North Star Express Exclusive
2 Larry Sweeney vs Fire Ant Exclusive
3 Dr. Cheung vs Retail Dragon Exclusive
4 UltraMantis Black vs Tex Benedict Exclusive
5 Jagged vs Equinox Exclusive
6 Banished to the Past: Lance Steel vs Lance Steel Exclusive
7 Claudio Castagnoli vs Reckless Youth Exclusive
8 Young Lions Cup: Excalibur vs Arik Cannon Exclusive
9 Chris Hero, F.I.S.T. vs Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Shane Storm Exclusive