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In the annual Torneo Cibernetico, Eddie Kingston and Larry Sweeney captain 8-man squads into elimination action! Two trios are born as Crossbones joins UltraMantis Black and Hydra, then Worker Ant arrives on the scene to join The Colony. Arik Cannon loses everything!


1 Rorschach vs Reckless Youth Exclusive
2 The Order of the Neo Solar Temple vs Equinox, The Colony Exclusive
3 Excalibur vs Player Uno Exclusive
4 Shayne Hawke vs Twiggy Exclusive
5 Young Lions Cup: Max Boyer vs Arik Cannon Exclusive
6 Torneo Cibernetico: F.I.S.T. , Larry Sweeney, The Iron Saints , The Kings of Wrestling vs Hallowicked, Cheech and Cloudy , Mike Quackenbush, Eddie Kingston, Shane Storm, The North Star Express Exclusive