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(Season 5 Finale) Eddie Kingston and Larry Sweeney end their feud with a “Tex‑Arkana Yellow Bellied Strap” match! In an unforgettable moment, Hallowicked, Delirious, Deliriouscito, and Hallowickedcito take on UltraMantis Black, Hydra, Crossbones, and the returning Blind Rage. Max Boyer defends his Young Lions Cup, and The Colony unites for trios action!


1 The Hydra Lock Challenge Exclusive
2 Larry Sweeney Interview Exclusive
3 Los Ice Creams , Kenji Fukimoto vs Twiggy, Equinox, Retail Dragon Exclusive
4 Chuck Taylor vs Ricochet Exclusive
5 Jagged vs Player Uno Exclusive
6 Rhett Titus, Pelle Primeau, Shane Hagadorn vs The Colony Exclusive
7 Young Lions Cup: Josh Daniels vs Max Boyer Exclusive
8 Lance Steel vs Trik Davis Exclusive
9 Delirious, Hallowicked, Deliriouscito, Hallowickedcito vs The Order of the Neo Solar Temple Exclusive
10 F.I.S.T. vs Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm Exclusive
11 Yellow Belly Strap Match: Larry Sweeney vs Eddie Kingston Exclusive