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Kaiju Big Battel crosses over into CHIKARA for the very first time, as Dr. Cube & Call-Me-Kevin fight Dusto Bunny & Gii The Space Pirate! Mitch Ryder hates luchadores, and wants everyone to know it. The Kings of Wrestling factions face off, but will they reconcile?


1 Aniversario Music Video Exclusive
2 Brodie Lee vs Retail Dragon Exclusive
3 The Order of The Neo Solar Temple vs Olsen Twins Exclusive
4 Shayne Hawke vs Create-A-Wrestler Exclusive
5 Los Ice Creams , Mitch Ryder vs El Pantera, Player Uno, Lince Dorado Exclusive
6 Drakon Yuki vs Kagrra Exclusive
7 South Philly Sci-Fi Street Fighto: Dr. Cube, Call-Me-Kevin vs Dusto Bunny, Gii the Space Pirate Exclusive
8 Young Lions Cup Title Match: Max Boyer vs Pelle Primeau Exclusive
9 The Colony vs Equinox, Shane Storm, Mike Quackenbush Exclusive
10 BLK OUT vs Incoherence Exclusive
11 The Kings of Wrestling vs The Kings of Wrestling Exclusive