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(Post Season) The former "Equinox" returns as Vin Gerard and takes out his rage on Shane Storm, while Claudio Castagnoli finally gets his chance for vengeance against Chris Hero! Los Ice Creams wrestle The Osirian Portal, while The Order of the Neo Solar Temple fights The Colony in trios action!


1 Mitch Ryder speaks Exclusive
2 The Colony vs The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple Exclusive
3 Shane Storm vs Vin Gerard Exclusive
4 F.I.S.T. , Brodie Lee vs Sara Del Rey, Cheech and Cloudy Exclusive
5 Mitch Ryder vs Tim Donst Exclusive
6 Los Ice Creams vs Osirian Portal Exclusive
7 Chris Hero vs Claudio Castagnoli Exclusive
8 Bonus Material from 7/4/2007: Los Ice Creams , Ophidian vs The Order of the Neo Solar Temple Exclusive
9 Bonus Material from 3/25/2007: Larry Sweeney vs Create-A-Wrestler Exclusive
10 The Osirian Portal speaks Exclusive
11 CHIKARA Pod-Per-View #1 Exclusive