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Night 3 of wrestling's biggest tournament features the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final round of King of Trios! The annual Tag Team Gauntlet returns! CHIKARA favorites and a heaping helping of special guest stars top off what will forever be known as the largest (in terms of competing teams) King of Trios of all time.


1 Introduction By Steve "The Turtle" Weiner Exclusive
2 King of Trios Quarter Final: F.I.S.T. vs The Colony Exclusive
3 King of Trios Quarter Final: Los Luchadores de Mexico vs Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm, Jorge "Skayde" Rivera Exclusive
4 King of Trios Quarter Final: Team DDT vs BLK OUT Exclusive
5 King of Trios Quarter Final: The Golden Trio vs The Fabulous Three Exclusive
6 Ten Team Gauntlet Match: Demolition vs Las Chivas vs Sweet 'n' Sour Inc. vs Team El Dorado vs The Immortals Of Waipahu vs The Kartel vs The North Star Express vs The Order of the Neo Solar Temple vs The Southern Saints vs Super Smash Brothers Exclusive
7 King of Trios Semi-Final: BLK OUT vs The Golden Trio Exclusive
8 King of Trios Semi-Final: The Colony vs Los Luchadores de Mexico Exclusive
9 Vin Gerard vs Glacier vs Martin Stone vs Reno Diamond Exclusive
10 Michael Nakazawa vs m.c. KZ Exclusive
11 Tim Donst, Create-A-Wrestler, Chiva II, Arik Cannon vs Ophidian, Amasis, Los Ice Creams Exclusive
12 King of Trios Tournament Final: BLK OUT vs Los Luchadores de Mexico Exclusive