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Vin Gerard brings the pain to The Colony in a match of infamy! Lince Dorado attempts to capture the Young Lions Cup. Tim Donst is dazed when UltraMantis Black plants him on his head, and Shane Storm tries to turn his bad luck around against Brodie Lee!


1 The Osirian Portal vs The Colony Exclusive
2 Ice Cream Jr. vs Robbie Ellis Exclusive
3 Vin Gerard vs Worker Ant Exclusive
4 F.I.S.T. vs Player Uno, Create-A-Wrestler Exclusive
5 Young Lions Cup: Lince Dorado vs Helios Exclusive
6 Gran Akuma vs Jimmy Olsen Exclusive
7 UltraMantis Black vs Tim Donst Exclusive
8 Brodie Lee vs Shane Storm Exclusive
9 The Fabulous Two vs Cheech, Cloudy Exclusive
10 El Pantera vs Mike Quackenbush Exclusive