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It’s brother versus brother when Jimmy Olsen wrestles Colin Delaney! Drake Younger wants revenge against STIGMA, and Vin Gerard defends the Young Lions Cup! The main events features an action-packed 10-man Relevos Increibles!


1 The Iron Saints vs Helios, Lince Dorado Exclusive
2 Buck Hawke vs Tim Donst Exclusive
3 UltraMantis Black, Crossbones, Trik Davis, Sami Callihan vs Da Soul Touchaz Exclusive
4 Colin Delaney vs Jimmy Olsen Exclusive
5 Rey Makawe, Guerrerito del Futuro vs Incognito, Discovery Exclusive
6 STIGMA vs Drake Younger Exclusive
7 Young Lions Cup: Vin Gerard vs Fire Ant Exclusive
8 Hallowicked, Player Uno, Icarus, Ophidian, Worker Ant vs Mike Quackenbush, Player Dos, Amasis, Gran Akuma, Soldier Ant Exclusive