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Incoherence defends los Campeonatos de Parejas against the Super Smash Bros. in the main event! Claudio Castagnoli wrestles Drake Younger for the first time. Mike Quackenbush, Tim Donst, and The Colony come together to face Vin Gerard's "UnStable" and The Order of the Neo Solar Temple!


1 Buck Hawke vs Willie Richardson Exclusive
2 F.I.S.T. vs Helios, Incognito Exclusive
3 Johnny Gargano vs Jimmy Olsen Exclusive
4 Osirian Portal vs Da Soul Touchaz Exclusive
5 Sami Callihan vs Shiima Xion vs Lince Dorado Exclusive
6 The UnStabel , The Order of the Neo Solar Temple vs Tim Donst, Mike Quackenbush, The Colony Exclusive
7 Claudio Castagnoli vs Drake Younger Exclusive
8 Campeonatos de Parejas: Super Smash Brothers vs Incoherence Exclusive