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CHIKARA collides with Big Japan Wrestling in a "Best of 5" Series, plus a tag team match pitting CHIKARA's The Osirian Portal against BJW's Atsushi Ohashi and Shinya Ishikawa! The finals of La Loteria Letal are decided when Lince Dorado and Jimmy Olsen wrestle The UnStable!


1 Gavin Sings Exclusive
2 Osirian Portal vs Atsushi Ohashi, Shinya Ishikawa Exclusive
3 Yuji Okabayashi vs Ultimo Breakfast Exclusive
4 Jaki Numazawa vs UltraMantis Black Exclusive
5 Katsumasa Inoue vs Hallowicked Exclusive
6 Crossbones, Ryan Eagles, Madison Eagles vs Jessie McKay, The Colony Exclusive
7 Brodie Lee vs Daisuke Sekimoto Exclusive
8 Ryuji Ito vs Mike Quackenbush Exclusive
9 La LoterĂ­a Letal Tournament Final: Vin Gerard, Colin Delaney vs Jimmy Olsen, Lince Dorado Exclusive