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Eddie Kingston battles Claudio Castagnoli, and Castagnoli finally accepts Larry Sweeney's pleas for partnership. Worker Ant gets his chance at the Young Lions Cup, while a special provision sees Ophidian and Escorpion Egipcio defend los Campeonatos de Parejas!


1 F.I.S.T. vs The SeaDonsters Exclusive
2 UltraMantis Black vs Helios Exclusive
3 2.0 , Los Ice Creams vs Cheech Hernandez, KC "Cloudy" Day, Super Smash Brothers Exclusive
4 Young Lions Cup: Vin Gerard vs Worker Ant Exclusive
5 Brodie Lee vs Steve "The Turtle" Weiner Exclusive
6 Campeonatos de Parejas: The Osirian Portal vs Lince Dorado, Equinox Exclusive
7 Eddie Kingston vs Claudio Castagnoli Exclusive
8 The Fabulous Two vs The Colony vs The UnStable vs Incoherence Exclusive