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It’s a Super Fun Times Over-the-Top-Rope Elimination Style No-Hold-Barred Masked-Dudes-Welcome Battle Royal of Doom (and Honor!) It's got a ton of wrestlers in it. The Future Is Now comes together to oppose Vin Gerard and his UnStable. The Sea Donsters try to end their rivalry with the Order of the Neo Solar Temple!


1 Super Fun Times Over-The-Top, Elimination Style, No-Holds-Barred, Masked-Dudes-Welcome, Battle Royal of Doom Exclusive
2 Fire Ant vs Escorpion Egipcio Exclusive
3 Cheech and Cloudy vs 2.0 Exclusive
4 Soldier Ant vs Ophidian Exclusive
5 The Order Of The Neo-Solar Temple vs The Sea Donsters Exclusive
6 Frightmare vs Brodie Lee Exclusive
7 Super Smash Brothers , Ultimo Breakfast vs F.I.S.T. Exclusive
8 Mike Quackenbush vs Buck Hawke Exclusive
9 The Future is Now vs The UnStable Exclusive