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A wild relevos atomicos sees The Colony and The Super Smash Bros. team-up to take on The Osirian Portal and Los Ice Creams. F.I.S.T. fights The Future Is Now (Helios, Lince Dorado) and their mentor, Jigsaw! Delirious wrestles for the first time since falling under the spell of the Eye of Tyr. In the main event, Claudio Castagnoli wrestles Vin Gerard!


1 Gavin's Aniversario Birthday Song Exclusive
2 2.0 vs Incoherence Exclusive
3 Grizzly Redwood vs Hydra Exclusive
4 Eddie Kingston vs Create-A-Wrestler Exclusive
5 F.I.S.T. vs The Future is Now Exclusive
6 Arik Cannon vs Delirious Exclusive
7 STIGMA vs Tim Donst Exclusive
8 Los Ice Creams , The Osirian Portal vs The Colony , Super Smash Brothers Exclusive
9 Vin Gerard vs Claudio Castagnoli Exclusive