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Claudio Castagnoli and Hallowicked put on a technical wrestling clinic! The seemingly familiar duo of The Badd Boyz arrive and make their presence felt. Tim Donst dominates his former tag team partner, Hydra! Ophidian returns from injury as the The Osirian Portal takes on F.I.S.T. in tag team action.


1 Brendan Michael Thomas vs Frightmare Exclusive
2 The Badd Boys vs The Colony Exclusive
3 Grizzly Redwood vs Steve "The Turtle" Weiner Exclusive
4 Colin Delaney vs Dasher Hatfield Exclusive
5 The Order of the Neo Solar Temple vs Super Smash Brothers Exclusive
6 Tim Donst vs Hydra Exclusive
7 The UnStable , Daizee Haze vs Mike Quackenbush, Lince Dorado, Equinox Exclusive
8 The Osirian Portal vs F.I.S.T. Exclusive
9 Hallowicked vs Claudio Castagnoli Exclusive