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The Eye of Tyr affects CHIKARA history once more at this event. Eddie Kingston takes out his frustrations on Gran Akuma in a hard-hitting encounter! Ares & Claudio and Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze dominate CHIKARA’s best tag teams, while UltraMantis Black and Delirious cash in to challenge The Colony for los Campeonatos de Parejas.


1 The UnStable vs The Throwbacks Exclusive
2 Brodie Lee vs Green Ant Exclusive
3 Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey vs Incoherence Exclusive
4 BDK vs The Badd Boyz vs Osirian Portal vs Super Smash Brothers Exclusive
5 Gran Akuma vs Eddie Kingston Exclusive
6 Tursas, Tim Donst, Lince Dorado, Pink Ant vs Mike Quackenbush, The Future is Now Exclusive
7 Campeonatos de Parejas: The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple vs The Colony Exclusive